source:  Kallen Mikel

source: Kallen Mikel

Let’s talk about worry. There's a chance you're addicted to it.

Well, the addiction is actually to stress and drama. The emotion that manifests is worry.

Many of us do not know how to live without worry.

Even worse, you may be trapped in one of those dirty belief systems that teaches you that you're being irresponsible if you're not worrying. EW!

It's important to distinguish your worry from your responsibilities.

Basic example: you can be responsible for your bills without worrying if you can pay them.

Dare I say... you can even NOT have the means to pay your bills and release the worry about paying them (that's some high level shit!!).

Worry is just totally exhausting for your body. It lives in the stomach. Constant worry can manifest into Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Worry is an attack on your survival.


➿Notice your worry. Distill the emotion of worry from the actual responsibility.

➿Quietly say to yourself: "I know what it feels like to live without worry."

(NOTE: Just thinking this statement won't train the subconscious mind. You must speak it into existence. It will feel absurd to do this at first. Do it anyway.)

** Heads up, I have room to work one-on-one with 2 more women this quarter. We uplevel + release that subconscious shit that keeps you from your greatest vision. You know, the one that makes you uncomfortable to even say aloud.

Book a call if you want to start that dialogue. It's a great gift to give yourself. xo

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